Psychotropic drugs anyone?

Watched a fascinating documentary on Current TV called ‘Kids on Pills’ about the myth that is Bi Polar and ADHD ….the modern child’s mental illness.  When I say mental illness…I hold strong reservations against it.  I say so because I have a child of my own who has been at the receiving end of the medications that go along with these so called conditions.  Medications such as Equisym, Concerta, Srattera etc…..these are all apparently medications that these ‘hyper active children’ cant do without……..

I am not a great fan of these meds purely because I have read enough about the effects of these drugs and am not so sure that I’d want to be addicted to anyone of these drugs myself.  It is well known that some of these drugs are known as party drugs etc often used by Uni students for either partying or staying up late whilst preparing for exams….this is because of the stimulant effect of these drugs.

Imagine young kids as young as 3 yrs of age (shown on Kids on Pills) being prescribed these drugs on a daily basis….all because the kids are too hyperactive.  I dont think so….But then I have had this been done to my own son for the last  almost 8yrs.  I cant help but feel sorry for him.  My son Connor has Attachement Difficulties (which is being treated by ADHD drugs!!!!!)  which has troubled him since he was about 5-6yrs of age…he is nearly 14 now.

Con has been prescribed all of these drugs I talked about earlier at some point in his life so far.  At the moment he is on Concerta….. a very high dosage which is meant to be for a slow release effect  i.e. works for approx 12yrs of the day.  So in effect he is psyched up for 12 hrs a day.  Imagine being on Speed for 12 hrs at 13yrs of age…

My wife thinks that this med does help Con’s behaviour as in that he is able to control his actions and thought processess unlike when not on the drug…Con has always been very impulsive, nervous, anxious…..and I must admit, at times I tend to agree with her but most times I’m not so convinced about this.  The side effects of the meds are loss of appetite (temporary and you know what that means….when the med wears off in the evening, he eats like a horse), sleeplessness, thirst, higher heart rate etc…..remind you of something?…some folk might remember what they felt like when they were ‘PARTYING’….the chemicals….(ok, I wont mention it).

Having watched ‘Kids on Pills’ has made me realise how wrong it is to let children get addicted to these drugs….its soooo wrong.  Going back yrs now, I remember when we were going through the assessment for become ‘adoptive parents’, we had a support worker from the Social services dept. for nearly 2 yrs, Rose Chilano…she was a fabulous person who was more like friends with us rather than a support person…..she once said to us… ‘adopted children often have way too much energy compared their peers’  and said…’in a loving way you can compare them to a big huge dog that you might have as pet….they both need a REALLY good run around everyday’.

This is such an apt description, the term hyperactive is what?….too energetic, too active….so if your child is hyperactive, take them to the park or somewhere where they can literally run around till they drop.  Once they have used up the excess energy, the rest of the day should be much easier to manage.  Just think about yourselves after long hard day at work perhaps…..when you are tired, you are tired… more activity, let alone hyper.  So this should make perfect sense for kids with ADHD.  Why dont the doctors recommend intensive physical therapy for kids with ADHD rather than the ‘magic’ pill….why?  Especially because not 1 of these drugs have proven benefits….what I mean by that is….the doctore always says ‘IT IS BELIEVED TO HAVE THESE EFFECTS’ … guarantees….

I can try…. and live on the edge, gamble….about a lots of things in life but am not willing to take a chance with the effects of a drug that my son is having to take….and also it doesn’t quite sound too convincing when the warning words are coming from your childs ‘Consultant Psychologist’….

So according to ‘Kids on Pills’ …… here we are….me and my son, helping some mental health professional get rich along with the  pharmaceutical industry…..WhyTF should we …..and I have promised myself that I will do everything I can to help my kid get off the PILL…

And on that note…..wheres my Prozac…..happy days….


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