If Hogwarts was your school……

How many of us have wished that our school  from yesteryears had been like Hogwarts?  I know I have….just the whole  magic that surrounds the concept  is spellbinding….isn’t it….Anyways, today we went to Hogwarts….yes sirree we did.  Well, its called Munthum House School and its the closest we’ll ever get to being in Hogwarts.  Its a specialist school near Horsham in West Sussex which we are hoping that our son Connor can be lucky enough to attend in the near future.

This was in fact our 2nd visit to Hogwarts …err I mean Munthum, we had originally visited the school couple of years ago whilst we were debating on choosing the right school.  Anyways, this is a fresh start….he says as he touches head….this time around we are determined to find the best possible school for Con where he can have a decent 2 yrs or so, get a good education, make friends and hopefully make a good start to adulthood.

We arrived at the school to be met with Michelle Wright who showed us around….what a fab place it is.  Old building with a mahoosive snooker table in the main reception hall (if thats what you call it)….Con will go absolutely balistic if/when he sees it….(I know I shouldn’t be presuming things but just cant help it) and thats because Con loves playing pool/snooker.  This school has a fabulous ethos whereby boys and young men who are unable to get education in mainstream schools are made to feel welcome and they actually enjoy being there.  They have boarding facilities i.e. 24hrs curriculum….meaning children have regular classes all through the day and then take part in various after school activities which are vital in helping them build up their confidence and self esteem.  In Cons case it would means he would get dropped off at school on sunday eve’s and get picked up on friday afternoons after school and spend the weekend at home with us.

They also have what  they call the ‘Engage programme’ which is described  is a psychologically informed planned environment, delivered by a highly skilled team of professionals, where the social relationships and different activities together are all carefully designed to improve young peoples, well being.

Overall we were very impressed with what with saw around the school, it has everything that a child like Con needs…caring staff, small class sizes, after school activities to help build social skills, confidence and self esteem building activities….the list has almost everything you could want your child.  The last words from Michelle were to the effect that the education authority funds for all the children that go there so there  is absolutely no reason whatsoever that we could be told that Con cant be placed there due to financial reasons and that most children that go to Munthum House have similar issues to Con and so we should fight for his placement there too.

Its all good finding a good school and being pleased with what you see but at the end of the day it is all down to the funding.  I have spoken with various schools in the last few weeks and found that the cost of sending kids to some of these schools are just astronomical…to me anyways….I mean how would you react when told all about the school…all pleasant talk just like you would expect from any other school and then crunchtime….yearly fees….a mere £126k per academic year…WTF….needless to say that I have not even thought about it for more second.  And the horrifying fact is that the local education authority do pay these kinds of fees to schools….for some children.  I just cant justify that…I mean for that kinda money 5 needy children could get good schooling every year.

Anyways, I dont want to sound harsh about it all as I am in the queue waiting for a ‘handout’….so to speak.  Now its a case of writing to the Education Authority AGAIN with sufficient evidence that Munthum House is the best school for Con and how they can meet all his needs….if the letter is convincing enough then the authorities will reconvene and decide whether to go ahead with the funding for Con.

Waiting is what we do….we dont complain, never complain….we are not bitter, not the slightest….just want whats right for the little man…

Not too much to ask is it?….or is it


One Response to “If Hogwarts was your school……”

  1. chit chat Says:

    the school sounds Fab—- but lets wait b4 we rejoice— shall we…?? heard tht old wise saying abt ‘may a slip ‘tween the cup n the lip’..???? …fits us only too well…. !! lady luck n her twin Sir Opportunity dont really fancy us….!!! So– lets wait n watch whr the next blow comes frm..!! in the meanwhile, fingers crossed….and praying hard..!!!!

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