Bacon and brie sub…..

Precisely at 11am, at work, I hear the most inviting sound….its the sandwich van that turns up full of goodies.  Ok before you say ‘look at yourself in the mirror you fat knob’….let me assure you that I do worry about my looks.  I do worry about the fact that I am 2 stone overweight, I worry about not getting enough exercise, eating lot of junk food, drinking in cxcess, smoking (who mentioned smoking?….not this asthmatic)

For the last month or so, I have been very good….i mean really good.  I have ventured out in the cold with trainers on….jogging 5k at a time…..oh yes I have….Well by jogging what I really mean is a brisk walk ….4mph doesnt really count as jogging pace.  Little secret….when I update my training schedule on, I tend to add it as …R U N……purely because it makes me feel sooooo much better.

Anyways, back to the scottish chap with the sandwich van…all of last week, I stuck with a salad box every day ….trying different meats everyday with the salad.  I do like salad, I must say….honestly….as long as its got some kinda meat with it and lots of dressing on it.  But after a few days, when you’ve done the full circle of choice from chicken, tuna….various meats….and back to chicken, it gets a bit boring.  But fearnot….thats when in comes bacon and brie sub.

2 thick rashers of bacon, 2 thicks slabs of brie, slices of  juicy tomatoes ….all in a warm embrace of a footlong french sub which generously buttered.  You’d have to be a mental case to even think that you wouldnt like it.  And as I am not mental and as I am normal, I love itttttttt.  Its fairly priced at £3 and the best bit is that it stuffs you up properly for the rest of the day.  So I look at it this way….1 meal approx 11am (however unhealthy it might be) and dinner in the evening….perfect. 

Todays sub was so freakingbig that I couldnt get my mouth around it…. and I have a big mouth, believe me.  Its such a nightmare when you cant wait to devour what you are holding in your hands but cant actually proceed to do it!!!!  Who bothers with cutting the damn thing into smaller pieces….in fact who has the time for all that crap…so my way is simple….GO FOR IT…. no messing.  Bit embarrasing though when you realise that your work colleague who went out 1st to get his lunch is STILL eating his little pretty salad box and YOU have already devoured a scud missile for lunch in double quick time.  The awkward moment when he looks at you and says ‘wtf …how did you eat that thing so quick’….you simply shrug it off by saying…’have got loads to do so wanted to hurry up and get back to work’….and you know that he doesnt believe you 1 bit and is thinking ‘what a f#####g animal’

So today I ate a bacon and brie sub, I shocked my work colleague who thinks I am a f#####g animal and I feel really  good about it.  I’d like to meet the person who thought of the idea of putting hot bacon rashers with brie in a piece of bread…what a genius.  He deserves all the Michelin stars….

I want my scottish sandwich van man to have his own tv cookery show…..aye I do!!!


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