What goes around, comes around…..

I had forgotten about this blog I started years ago.  Very early this morning, whilst I was awake and couldnt go back to sleep I got a whatsapp message from my sister who must have stumbled across this…..saying why havnt I posted anymore.

Think the answer lies in the fact that I had forgotten about it…so much has happened, I have got soooo much older.  My body does not fail to remind me on a daily basis of unknown aches and pains that never used to surface until recently lol.  I started noticing it about 2-3 yrs ago….during the summer months I still play league cricket, which I have always done and enjoy it thoroughly….but lately after a game of cricket wifey has ibuprofen on the ready for me soon as I walk back into the house.  Her normal greeting is …’And????’….the answer she is looking for is the possible details of injuries I have managed to inflict on myself.   The thing is…nowadays bowling 3-4 overs off of 12 pace run up is pretty much like running a 10k.  The knees and ankles start abusing me after a couple of overs and turn funny colours….its no fun.  The gutting thing is that I have always enjoyed bowling and now that I can hardly bowl without suffering, I am now starting take a liking to this batting lark.  Batsmen are just KNOBs, as far as I am concerned….just obstacles between me and my cherry and their furniture.  Having said that, this summer gone, during 1 of the games I played…I asked the Skip if I could bat a bit higher than the no 11 spot which I have had reserved for me all my playing life…and he obliged!

I went in at no 5….batted for 20 odd overs, stayed unbeaten on 42no….hit few boundaries and 3 x 6’s….how the feck did that happen?  Whilst batting my colleague who was umpiring at squareleg says to me…wtf are you playing at? whats going on? how come arnt back in the hut already? so when did you learn to use that piece of willow?…My response startled me, let alone Ray Cully….I heard myself reply ‘this is piece of piss, dont know what the fuss is all about really’.  So now I am thinking, come new year & new season, if I want to carry on playing #GodsOwnGame that is #Cricket , I will have to switch from bowling to batting…..and be a KNOB.

Most of club mates, who have known me for over 20yrs or so now, wouldnt be surprised at the last 3 words of my previous sentence.  A looong wait yet for next summer, before I have to walk out to the crease and be called a KNOB…lol.

What goes around, comes around…..



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